Inspiration for a greener tanning industry from the Arzignano tanning district.

DANI SPA, an Industrial Group

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Founded in 1950, Dani is a company with about 1,000 employees, 6 production sites and 230 millions of turnover (80% from exports). Dani supplies leather to many industrial sectors through its two business units: Automotive and Home Style and Fashion, both partners of the most prestigious international brands. A highly distinctive element is the complete leather production process carried out in Italy, which led to obtain the certification “Leather from Italy Full Cycle”. R&D, a crucial activity for Dani competitiveness, has been the main support for the launch in 2012 of the sustainability program, created to share with all our stakeholders the initiatives and environmental and social achievement. An innovative action which starts from the suppliers, passes through our customers to get to the final consumers. A challenging process, supported by cooperation with Universities and Research Centres, which requires measurement, monitoring and innovations well represented by the environmental product labels obtained by Dani in the last years.

Giancarlo Dani_presidente Dani SpAWe have been inactive in research. We have been too focused on production and daily activities and we did not think enough about the future. Today, instead, we need somebody able to look ahead and more broadly. GreenLIFE is a change of course: it is the contribution we are willing to make for the future of the Vicenza Tannery District

Giancarlo Dani
President Dani S.p.A.

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