Inspiration for a greener tanning industry from the Arzignano tanning district.

Acque del Chiampo

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A consortium was founded in 1974 to provide waste-water treatment for the water used in leather processing in the Valle del Chiampo tannery district. In 2000, the consortium became Acque del Chiampo, a publicly-owned company which manages the “Servizio Idrico Integrato”. Launched on the 4th of April 1978, the Arzignano waste-water treatment plant, with a daily capacity of 30,000 cubic metres for industrial waste-water, and 10 to 20,000 cubic metres daily for domestic waste-water, can manage water treatment for a town with more than a million and a half residents. In 1976 a change in the law, necessitated an important improvement in its environmental footprint. Today, the Arzignano waste-water treatment plant is one of the best in Italy and in the world. The company provides services for ten local municipalities: Arzignano, Altissimo, Chiampo, Montorso Vicentino, Crespadoro, Nogarole Vicentino, S. Pietro Mussolino, Montecchio Maggiore, Brendola and Lonigo.

Alberto Serafin_amministratore Acque del Chiampo“It’s impossible to not take such a concrete invitation seriously , an involvement that allows Acque del Chiampo to ally itself with excellent companies and their management teams, and with a wider European vision of the economy. We will strongly support this project to its conclusion, because we are sure that it will be a precursor to future innovations in the leather manufacturing world”.

Alberto Serafin
Amm. Unico Acque del Chiampo S.p.A.

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