Inspiration for a greener tanning industry from the Arzignano tanning district.


An honest dialogue about sustainability

Nov 18, 2019. Dialogue with stakeholders has led the Leather Working Group (LWG) to create a global protocol for sustainability within the tannery sector with a huge impact on saving resources. Dialogue with the community is becoming strategically important for Acque del Chiampo to tackle the problem of sludge. As economist Antonio Massarutto explains, dialogue […]


Press Coverage – Acque del Chiampo international tender

Nov, 7 2019.The most authoritative international leather trade magazines talk about the tender which has been launched by Acque del Chiampo and Medio Chiampo to find an environmental sustainable solution to treat dried sludge. Have a look at the articles at the links below.       Facebook0Twitter0Google plus0


Press review – World Leather July 2019

July, 29 2019. In an article published by the June/July 2019 edition of World Leather, the magazine briefly presents the main objectives of the greenLIFE project to improve sustainability within the leather sector. In addition, it reports the latest June 11 presentation at the Ca’ Foscari University, where Guido Zilli, quality and sustainability manager at Dani […]


Arzignano: Opinions Regarding The Sustainability Of The Leather District

8 May 2019. Operating alone is an unattainable prospect in the long term; sustainability must be ensured both at the system and district levels. However, it is certain that the faster corporation wins the trust of the big brands. Read also about the countless CSR and company welfare initiatives which have been promoted by the […]


Why Leather?

Why Leather? Is there a need to address this phenomenon? Yes, given the recent attacks to the leather industry. Reasons, opinions and possible remedies. And, communication, once again the big absentee. In our latest newsletter. Facebook0Twitter0Google plus0


Industry X.0

In our latest newsletter. We do not set terms or limits. Instead, by putting in a great effort of abstraction, we imagine the technological trajectories of the future for the leather industry, the innovations for its organisations and the great communication challenges. In this edition of greenLIFEnews, a panel of experts is committed to identifying what could become or, perhaps, […]


Good Manufacturing Practices in the tanning sector

‘It would be desirable to apply Good Manufacturing Practices, GMP, methodologies to the tanning production system, borrowing, for example, from the agri-food and cosmetics sectors’. This is noted by Roberto Vago from the technical departments of ASSOMAC, which is the Italian association of manufacturers of technologies for tanning. Thus introducing replicable operating standards that can […]


Good Morning Prof ! We are from greenLIFE

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At the Northampton Institute for Creative Leather Technologies, sustainability is at the heart of teaching

“We do not teach how to tan leather, but rather how it could be done, should be done and how we wish it might be done. But then it is up to the students, coming from all over the world, to first of all take home the ability to think critically,” remarks  Emeritus Professor Tony […]

Paolo Gurisatti economista industriale

With biochemistry, the leather industry is a perfect example of a circular economy

Paolo Gurisatti industrial economist and President Stazione Sperimentale delle Pelli SSIP (Experimental Station of the Leather Industry) of Naples, has always been a friend of greenLIFE. He reports the skills he thinks will be strategic for mid- and long-term in the industry. He identifies technical competences for the Vicenza tannery district to retain its excellence and […]


Green Life