Inspiration for a greener tanning industry from the Arzignano tanning district.


Seeking a greenLIFE Ambassador to represent our values

In this issue of the greenLIFE project newsletter you will find considerations about the circularity of the leather sector, an explanation on how ESG factors demonstrate competitive advantages and opinion on the European Green Deal impacting the tanning industry. Finally, an exciting appeal to find ideal ambassador to support, represent and spread the values of the district. Contact us for a self-nomination or you can […]

No fear for the Green Deal and Italian Tanning sector

The European Green Deal set of policies aims to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050. It requires a rethinking of the production systems of the Union members to comply with a sustainable development and a more efficient use of resources. Will the Green Deal impact or add complexity to the management of the Italian tanneries? […]

Would you like to be a greenLIFE Ambassador?

The GreenLIFE project is seeking the ideal person for an informal representation of the Vicenza leather cluster. The ideal ambassador may be an entrepreneur, politician, actor, cook, footballer, scientist, astronaut or influencer. GreenLIFE are extending an invitation to identify the person who ideally represents the values of the Vicenza leather system in order to improve […]

A sustainable business. When profit, inclusion and the environment go hand in hand

Written by Guido Zilli, Sustainability Director at Gruppo Dani and greenLIFE project coordinator. Is corporate sustainability a bridge to business success? Figures seem to confirm that it is. Let’s have a look at it. Most “conscious” companies integrate Environmental, Social and Governance factors – ESG – within their management practices. In some cases, practices evolve […]

Circular Economy. A simple explanation

Written by Paolo Girelli, president of ILSA, a biotech company and greenLIFE partner.   I think there is a “poetic” element in our working systems as we give back to the Earth what we take. Imagine a green, lush field, with grazing cows and calves. That field is lush because the soil is fertile, rich in organic […]

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