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President of Ikem Edgardo Stefani opinion on talents recruiting & job in the leather supply chain

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In the first of the interviews conducted on the subject of school, training and employment in the leather supply chain, we discover Edgardo Stefani’s view.  Stefani is president of Ikem ( among the greenLIFE sponsoring companies) as well as president of UNPAC (National Union of Italian Manufacturers of Tanning Auxiliaries).

greenLIFE What are the most requested professional profiles today? Will they be the same after 2–3 years?

Edgardo Stefani The most requested profiles fall under the technical/commercial areas, R&D areas, as well as in the organisation and technical fields, such as the ones of management engineers.

gL What personal and professional characteristics are you looking for in new employees?

ES We are looking for specific technical competence in the new employees and their ability to work in a team.

gL How do you work with the ITIS Galilei?

ES We continuously deliver presentations to the fourth and fifth classes, presenting our technical work on topics related to tanning and fattening.

gL Which universities are you collaborating with? What is it like to collaborate with the universities?

ES We are collaborating with the University of Padua (Chemistry or Chemical Engineering mainly) on R&D issues, along with EU- and other government-agency-funded projects, such as LIFE and POR.

gL Are schools and universities a strategic channel in your human research and recruiting processes?

ES They are very determinant in the selection of new forces in the various technical areas.

gL Why should a young person choose your company? What is interesting about your company, and how do you nurture the talents?

ES We have a high propensity for innovation and research for new technological solutions in the tanning sector, which can stimulate new talents who wish to work in this sector.

gL What piece of advice would you give a young person who wants to work in your sector?

ES Companies require more and more basic preparation, specific and updated at both the technical and commercial level as well as in the administrative and organisational level. So, I would advise young people to make the most of the training opportunities that can be found today, such as the ITS or marketing and internationalisation courses.

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