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LINEAPELLE The conference on the European product environmental footprint

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25 Sept 2018. ILSA and Conceria Dani, among the sponsoring partners of the greenLIFE project, will take part in the roundtable of the international conference on the European product environmental footprint in the leather supply chain, scheduled for tomorrow 26 September, during Lineapelle. From the climate product footprint developed by Dani in 2011 according to ISO 14067, to the countless other initiatives among which is also the greenLIFE project, to combine business and sustainability, up to an example avant le lettre of circular economy which is ILSA, the roundtable will be the occasion to demonstrate the partners’ real commitment toward the analysis of the environmental footprint.

ILSA is the only Italian company in the fertilizer sector to have already conducted, in 2015, a study of the environmental footprint  (PEF/OEF according to the Commission Recommendation 2013/179/UE) focusing on its core products that are obtained by the recovery of animal by-products (trims and shavings of tanned leather) typically discarded during the final stages of the tanning process. These materials, which are in all respects a waste for the tanning sector, are valued by ILSA and are reutilised through enzymatic extraction and thermobaric hydrolysis with steam, generating valuable fertilizers and biostimulants that are in great demand in markets all over the world.

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