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Universities are strategic for the identification of new business opportunities

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” The relationship with schools and universities is fundamental for the identification of new business opportunities,” said Paolo Girelli, President of ILSA, in the interview on the subject of school, training and employment in the leather supply chain.

greenLIFE What are the most requested professional profiles today? Will they be the same after 2–3 years?

Paolo Girelli. Diplomas and degrees in technical and scientific subjects (Chemistry, Mechanics, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Agriculture, Biotechnologies, etc.) to be employed in the production and in the R&D departments as well as in the commercial area. For some of these profiles, the perfect knowledge of foreign languages is a must (English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish).

gL What personal and professional characteristics are you looking for in new employees?

PG. We are looking for passionate and organised people who are able to work both independently and in a team.

gL How do you work with the ITIS Galilei?

PG. We have included some functional activities in an educational project that has been carried out together with the ITIS Galilei, with respect to EU-funded research projects.

gL Which universities are you collaborating with? What is it like to collaborate with the universities?

PG. We collaborate on a daily basis with the University of Padua (Departments of Agricultural Biotechnology and Pharmacy) and Bologna (Department of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies); in addition to these, we currently have ongoing research projects with other universities in Italy, Germany, Brazil, Chile, and England.

gL Are schools and universities a strategic channel in your human research and recruiting processes?

PG. The relationship with schools and universities is fundamental both for the constantly-evolving network of relationships as well as for the identification of new business opportunities.

gL Why should a young person choose your company? What is interesting about your company, and how do you nurture the talents?

PG. ILSA provides its employees with the opportunity to operate in the strategic sector of biotechnology applied to agriculture, a sector that will offer great opportunities for professional development in the coming years.

gL What piece of advice would you give a young person who wants to work in your sector?

PG. Those who work with us or in our sector must be aware that they are personally involved in a great challenge, which is as follows: “Guaranteeing sufficient food for 9 billion people by 2050 without compromising the quality of the environment”.

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