Inspiration for a greener tanning industry from the Arzignano tanning district.

Would you like to be a greenLIFE Ambassador?

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The GreenLIFE project is seeking the ideal person for an informal representation of the Vicenza leather cluster.

The ideal ambassador may be an entrepreneur, politician, actor, cook, footballer, scientist, astronaut or influencer.

GreenLIFE are extending an invitation to identify the person who ideally represents the values of the Vicenza leather system in order to improve the visibility of the most important European leather district.

GreenLIFE has been sponsored by some of the most innovative companies in the tanning district and, in addition to promoting research lines to improve the environmental impact, has always aimed to communicate  the district’s green performance to various audiences.

For this reason, the ideal ambassador should be able to speak to a wide spectrum of the community from young to old and be able to bring both local communities and the rest of the world closer to the industrious territory of the province of Vicenza.

What does the ambassador get out of it? Reputation, recognition, gratitude.

What are the values of the district which will be shared by the chosen ambassador?

It took over 7 decades of energy and dedication to create the most important tanning district in the world in terms of value of production and the ideal ambassador will certainly be an industrious and vigorous individual.

They will stand out for their innovative approach and the ability to tackle problems with new ideas with great entrepreneurship spirit.

Just consider that from “simple” tanned leather manufacturers, companies keener to invest in research and innovation, are slowly rethinking themselves as producers of keratins, bio compounds for the construction sector, suppliers for agricultural uses, etc.

The ambassador will also be a global representative (where permitted during times of travel COVID-19 restrictions) with an open-mind and attitude as the companies of the district work globally, both as buyers of raw hides and as sellers of finished products.

The ideal person is publicly known for his fighting spirit; uncompromising and rigorous in their challenges to preserve the environment. This aspect should strongly characterize this individual, since the impact on the environment and the importance given to corporate social responsibility, will increasingly determine the success or failure of this sector.

Although tanning is an industry that represents the true essence of circularity (since it reuses hides that are in fact a by-product of the meat industry), its environmental performance has only become evident in recent years – an improvement to such an extent that it deserves a public spokesperson.

It is also necessary a reflection on aesthetics and comfort: the ambassador should be recognized for their good taste, as raw hides are transformed by tanneries into a versatile and beautiful material, often used for the production of high-end items; from car interiors to furniture.

So, who could this ambassador be? You? Or someone you know?

Please submit the name of your ideal ambassador or self-nominate to become the ambassador yourself.

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