Inspiration for a greener tanning industry from the Arzignano tanning district.


DANI SPA, an Industrial Group

Founded in 1950, Dani is a company with about 1,000 employees, 6 production sites and 230 millions of turnover (80% from exports). Dani supplies leather to many industrial sectors through its two business units: Automotive and Home Style and Fashion, both partners of the most prestigious international brands. A highly distinctive element is the complete […]

Acque del Chiampo

A consortium was founded in 1974 to provide waste-water treatment for the water used in leather processing in the Valle del Chiampo tannery district. In 2000, the consortium became Acque del Chiampo, a publicly-owned company which manages the “Servizio Idrico Integrato”. Launched on the 4th of April 1978, the Arzignano waste-water treatment plant, with a […]

Gruppo Mastrotto: leather experience

Gruppo Mastrotto was established in 1958, when Santo and Bruno together with Arciso, their father, laid the foundations of a company that now employs more than 2,000 staff throughout the world and has an annual turnover of more than 450 million Euros. The group has 15 locations: 7 manufacturing plants and 5 logistic facilities are in the […]

Ikem Srl

Ikem was established in 2013 after Stefani Chimis Srl and Leder Chimica Srl mergered. A perfect union between the production knowledge of Leder Chimica in “wet and” products, and the experience of Stefani Chimis in colorants and leather finishing products as well as in technical assistance for tanneries. Leder Chimica was founded in 1986 by […]

Ilsa S.p.A.

Since 1956 ILSA has been producing and selling organic and organo-mineral fertilizers – both solid and liquid -, biostimulants and products with specific action. It has a full range of different product lines, for both conventional and organic farming. Its mission is to best meet the needs of today’s farming, which is becoming increasingly specialized and focused on environmental issues: […]

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